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I am graduating in August 2018 with my MBA in Cybersecurity. I have been working as a Network Administrator and IT Consultant for Real Estate Companies and Property Management Corporations for the past 5 plus years. Prior to that I was always working in a number of independent contractor positions in anything IT or Networking Administration related. 

My Skillset

  •  CompTIA Security + Certified

· Proficient in Wireshark, Windows Server’s, Nmap, Burp Suite, Kali Linux, Windows XP-10 

· Excels in solving problems in real time  

· Capable of deploying multiple operating systems and working within the systems (Linux, Metasploitable, Kali Linux, Windows, and MacOS) in virtual machines such as virtual box

· Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook).

· High-impact sale and negotiation skills

· Coaching, motivating and developing other team players

· Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills

My Passions


Outside of the office, I am an avid digital music producer. I have been playing guitar and singing since the age of 7.  In my spare time, I am creating new ways to digitally manipulate sound on my computer. I enjoy tinkering with Linux OS’s, Windows operating systems. When I am not hanging with the family or doing the things mentioned above I am  playing with Kali Linux and all the different software contained inside that package. 

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