bathroom servicesWhen considering bathroom renovations in Raleigh or just about anywhere, many questions come to mind. What exactly do you want to replace? What should the new bathroom look like? How long will it take? It can be just as overwhelming to perform a bathroom remodel EZ Pro Baths as it can to remodel any room in a home!

Here are five ways to spark a little inspiration which will get you started on your bathroom renovations:

  1. Go back to basics. This may be “just a bathroom” you’re remodeling, but it doesn’t have to be. A bathroom can have just as much impact as any other room. What sort of vibe do you want your bathroom to give? Do you want to feel as though you’re stepping into a spa when you enter – a relaxing oasis? Which colors would most accurately convey the feeling you want to convey? Start from scratch here, and remember that details make a difference.
  2. Buy some magazines. When designing, why not tear pages out of design magazines and create a sort of vision board? Include color swatches and photos of your favorite “looks”. This will make a good reference point to return to later on.
  3. Look online. Of course websites such as Pinterest make it easy to create virtual vision boards, too. Never has it been so easy to peruse just about any topic! There are also websites for many design magazines, as well as design blogs a-plenty.
  4. Visit a home improvement store. It’s always a good idea to take a look around and actually get your hands on various aspects of the room which you’re remodeling. A faucet or other fixture may look great on paper but how does it look in person? And will it be practical? This is why visiting a store is something that should be done during the remodeling process. Ask plenty of questions, too!
  5. Think outside the box. Don’t paint yourself into a corner by only using light fixtures and other design elements which are designated for the bathroom. Be a little more creative! How would a small chandelier look hanging from the ceiling instead of a drab lighting fixture? Or what about a bold wallpaper pattern?

Keep an open mind and remember that there are plenty of options to be explored, and your renovations are sure to go off without a hitch. Good luck!