the environmentConstructive ” post and beam ” and modular panels bearing system ( various types to allow the necessary openings ) provides all the basic modules needed from 26 to 148 yd² gross floor area , or by adding more panels in the direction length ,

A range of options provides practical and aesthetic additions to enrich these useful modules ( consoles galleries terrace and pinion on poles and expansions )

SAS connection provide the ability to combine different modules now or later!

All this allows to design his house ” Custom ” and make it unique though it is mass produced .

In your own project , you can be a single building plan , as a matter of budget probably . Likewise , you may be an “extension” think , in which case , our concept is perfectly suited to this type of project.

In view of the very measured in our solution price , design your project from the beginning through two modules connected by a SAS connection can help to integrate, for example , the idea of ​​a first module dedicated to pieces ” day “and a second room dedicated to ” night ” .
The flexibility of the system allows to consider any project in 2 or 3 steps in time to adapt to the needs but also the budget.

You can see examples of projects in Menu ” on the measure” , the latter being encrypted . You will be surprised by the creativity that makes our concept. Check all that out here:

It is also possible to use this concept in the strict framework of an extension to an existing dwelling .
To do this, just choose a model depending on the required area and to add a SAS connection with the “dimension” will depend on the distance between the extension to the main house .

Below, we include examples of implementation for these ” SAS connection .”

be constructive system allows countless personal creations.
It offers four decisive advantages to future owners: